Friday, March 1, 2013

Cocktails + Cupcakes

Inspired by No. 246, a stylish new restaurant in Georgia, these cocktails are primed to be the perfect complement to any cake or cupcake. Creativity is key when concocting new recipes and these beverages will not disappoint. Today, three distinctive cocktail options are highlighted to pair with your desserts by Just Add Candles.

The first cocktail is a dressed up version of Prosecco that produces a light, sparkly drink. (Ingredients: Vanilla vodka, Lemon juice, Prosecco)

The second beverage has more earthy and bitter flavors if you prefer a contrast from eating sweets! This is more of a man's drink. (Ingredients: Ramazotti amaro, Maple syrup, Red hare watership brown ale)

Finally, here is a drink for the coffee lover. You can never go wrong with coffee and cake! (Ingredients: Expresso liquor, Cinnamon syrup, Sea salt, Whipped cream)

Each drink sounds delicious and fun! Now I just need an excuse to throw a party...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring-Inspired Designs

Just Add Candles is excited to post a preview of some beautiful cupcakes and cake options for spring, which officially kicks off on March 20! This warmer season inspires the colors, designs and textures of these cupcakes and cakes. Soft yellows, bright pinks and earthy greens set the tone for these adorable and favorable desserts.

Perfect for a shower, birthday or holiday, the colors, patterns and flavors can be customized for a small or large party. (And let's be honest, sometimes you don't even need a special occasion to order cupcakes.)
The beauty of icing is that it can be molded to create seasonal toppers such as flowers, butterflies, Easter eggs, petals and four leaf clovers to name a few springtime inspired ideas. The end result may be so charming you don’t want to eat it, but we promise the taste is just as incredible as the aesthetics!